Call parking *2xx strange behavior

I think there was an update to the module somewhere that caused an issue to call parking behavior.

It used to be if you dialed *2xx to transfer a caller to a parking lot the attendant would announce what spot the caller was parked in, and then disconnect you from the call.

Now, after it announces the parking spot you hear the hold music and have to manually disconnect yourself from the call.

FreePBX 10.13.66-12
Asterisk 13
Parking Lot 13.0.16

You are looking for the functionality in ##xx not *2xx

Just want to make sure I get this right as I didn’t see the ## in the help section.

Right now a speed dial key is set to *270 to park a call in spot 71 or 72.

I would reprogram that key to ##70 instead?

I’m on Asterisk 11 on the system I have access to right this second and my “incall transfer code” is “*2”, so an incall attended transfer to the parking lot would be “*270”. The “##70” would do an unattended transfer, which is wonderful, except that you don’t get the feedback about what slot your call is parked in.

To double check your settings, use the “Admin” -> “Feature Codes” list to verify that you are set up for the right code in your system.