Call Park Problem

Asterisk 13.9.1
Yealink T4 series phones

We have a DSS Key programmed as:

Type=Call Park

We then have several DSS Keys programmed as BLF for slots 71 through 75.

When someone is placed on Park using the Park button it works fine. Then when we go to do it a second time it fails and leaves the call on hold on the phone. If we do it the long way (TRAN>70>SEND) it works fine. We found that commenting out the following line in /etc/asterisk/extensions_additional.conf and restarting the asterisk service makes it work but it defaults back every time something else is changed on the system:

exten => 70,hint,park:[email protected]&park:[email protected]&park:[email protected]&park:[email protected]dcalls&park:[email protected]&park:[email protected]&park:[email protected]&park:[email protected]

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Thank you! For some reason the way i looking for it didn’t turn that up.

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