Call park on a Poly phone using Poly GUI

I know, I know, this is a FreePBX forum. I’m working on my FreePBX 15.0.29. I can program a call park button on my Yealink phones no problem. In this case the value is *8571 to put the call in spot 1. I can park and unpark just fine. On my Poly phone, I can park, but not unpark. Poly shows a BLF key defined with a value of *8571. A parked call shows on my Yealink phone when I park it on the Poly. It shows on the Poly phone when I park it on the Yealink. All sounds good, except when I try to unpark on the Poly. I have to hit the programmed button, then dial 71 and SEND. In the Poly GUI (I’m not the CLI guy I once was), there’s no way to define a key as a call park. So all you people that are far smarter than I am, got any tips? Please don’t shoot any arrows at me.

For our Poly phones we’ve had to pretty much setup a BLF for each park position separately, it’s not a single button for us and to park calls we have a soft-key defined to blind transfer the call to the parking lot extension that automatically assigns the call to the first available spot.

I did that. Like I said, I can park a call on the Poly, but if I try to unpark, I have to hit the button, then 71 and then send. On the Yealink, the button is defined as a park button in the phone GUI and it works just fine for parking and unparking. I wish the Poly had a park button definition in the GUI.

Huh, how do you have the button configured? We don’t ever have to dial the actual parking lot number when they are individually configured as BLF fields.

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