Call not forwarding to voicemail

Hello all.

I am very new to Free PBX and have just installed the version availble on raspberry-asterisk dot .org /downloads/ onto a raspberry pi 3.

I have set up two extensions and a trunk.

When I call between extensions, the call gets forwarded to voicemail after a while which is great.

When I call from an outside line, the call rings for a while and then stops ringing but does not get forwarded to voicemail. The phone I’m calling from sort of just goes quiet (stops ringing tone but connection still seems active)

The version I have installed doesn’t seem to have any call forward features that I can see? What am I missing here? why would the call being going to voicemail from an internal call but not external?

Any help appreciated.

I should also mention that for some reason I can’t get my outbound calls working as yet - not sure if that has anything to do with it but as I say, internal calls are going to voicemail and inbound calls are working.

That is my next problem to solve after I can get this voicemail forwarding working!

The handset I am using is a SPA525G

It sounds like your NAT and RTP configuration are suspect. I’d start looking at your firewall and your SIP configuration to make sure everything is set up correctly.Search the forum for “one-way audio”. That should get you started.


I’'ll do some digging.

Just to add. When I set up the SPA525G with the direct details of my trunk provider - all is working OK (except voicemail obviously - my provider does not have a voicemail option)

Inbound and outbound calls work just fine - does that change your response?

Nope - in fact, it points to your NAT configuration on your SIP configuration in FreePBX.


Round two tonight then!

  1. Call forwarding is a outbound call. How do you expect it to work before your outbound lines are working.

  2. Whats your concurrent call limit? (Trunk & Extension)