Call not disconnecting

whenever the call is disconnected by the prospect the call timer continues
ideally the call should get disconnected after hang-up by the prospect (otherside)

can anyone guide me on this issue

Who initiated the call?

Is this being presented to your system as an analogue line? (This could include your use of a local analogue FXO to SIP gateway.)

Is the prospect using an analogue line?

Which country is the prospect in?

Asterisk can have difficulty detecting disconnects on incoming analogue lines. Sometimes this can be handled by better configuring the line, but sometimes it may be a fundamental limit. Analogue gateways may have similar problems.

Historically, at least in the UK, when calling someone who is on an analogue line, their hanging up doesn’t trigger a network release, For automated calls (most for the last few decades) the network would release after about 3 minutes. The delay was to allow the phone to be put down and a more suitable one picked up. A few years ago, in the UK, this was reduced to a few seconds.

If all this stuff about analogue lines is irrelevant, that is because you really haven’t given enough information to do more than guess at what is wrong.

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