Call Monitor Recordings - Unique ID way off

Yesterday a recording was made that would not show up in the Call Monitor screen. What I finally figured out is that the uniqueid of the filename was apparently too far off from the CDR record uniqueid’s. I’d like to get a little better understanding in case it happens again.

So here a few details:
UniqueID is correctly configured
Recordings work for the most part

The uniqueid in the database for the call is 1386619699.276352 but the filename was auto-1386619733-5553331212-1111.wav (I changed the incoming number and extension number). So I changed the filename to auto-1386619700-5553331212-1111.wav and the call monitor page found the file.

So I guess I have a couple questions… Where does the recording script get the uniqueid? What is the method that the call monitor page uses to find the file that is close to the uniqueid of the cdr?

Thanks for any information!

If you are using Elastix, you need to go there for help, this is one of many things they broke when the stopped supporting FreePBX.

I’m not using Elastix…

I guess I left the distro out. I’m using PBX In A Flash, but it’s a version from around 2008 that I’ve kept updated on Asterisk 1.4 and updated FreePBX on it’s own up to the version 2.8.

The uniqueid is basically just the seconds since the linux “epoch”,

date -d ‘@0

for your localtime version of when that was.


date -d ‘@1386619699.276352

shows when the channel was started etc.

Bbut asterisk is notorious for using multiple channels on one call and with no real relation between them. So I guess the 34 second difference is what your system did after answering the call and before starting the recording. I would first off update to a version of asterisk and FreePBX, you never know something might have been fixed in the last five years.