Call monitor not finding files for inbound calls

I found an interesting issue with call monitors on inbound calls. For background, we upgraded from 2.6 to 2.7. At the same time we upgraded to asterisk 1.4.30 although this didn’t impact anything. 2.6 had no issues.

Since the upgrade we’ve had problems with on-demand recordings. The calls are recorded but the file name has a different unique ID then the CDR database. Thus, the call monitor can’t find a match (we’re not using aggressive matching).

At first I thought it might be that the fax detection was creating a fork for the call generating a new called ID. The previous inbound routes had fax detection via nvfax. The converted ones from the upgrade had zaptel as the fax detection. I modified the fax detection to none and the problem still persists.

I’m wondering if anyone might know where the new unique ID is coming from and how we may be able to make this work for inbound on-demand calls. Or maybe the matching criteria in ARI was modified which causes a failure now?

I’m researching the code to see if I can find out another way to get a match but thought I’d post for input.