Call Monitor logging external number as "extension" and not linking to actual extension

CentOS 5.6

Toshiba PBX -> PRI Crossover -> Asterisk/FreePBX -> TDS Metrocom PRI

FreePBX knows about all the extensions on the Toshiba system and calls are flowing as expected.

I just rebuilt the entire Asterisk server from the OS up because I (thought I) had an issue with Asterisk 1.8 and had trouble patching. I am now running in production as noted above.

We are recording both incoming and outgoing calls, and Asterisk does recognize the Toshiba extension when making outgoing calls as shown here:

VERBOSE[26711] chan_dahdi.c: – Accepting call from ‘4811’ to ‘1860xxxxxxx’ on channel 0/21, span 2

However, the call is not logged to this extension, which means the outbound recording is also not linked to this extension.

This was working properly with the previous 1.8 install, but the other issues forced me to move back to 1.6. I am hoping that this could be related to a simple misconfiguration, possibly from me failing to document a setting before wiping the server and starting from scratch.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

So, is the solution to this upgrading to 1.8 like I have seen in other (though unrelated) posts? Is there a configuration file somewhere that I can maybe change?

Any takers?