Call Monitor Interface Outbound Calls

Hi FreePBX forum,

I’ve recently done an installation of FreePBX and Asterisk on Ubuntu 10.10 and have been quite satisfied with the results so far, but there are a few things that seem rather annoying in out setup, including an issue with how the Call Monitor Interface pulls call recordings.

Basically, our setup is at least partially a call center type of environment where every call in and out in recorded. Everything works fine except that each department shares an outbound CID, so all the extensions in that department have the same outbound CID. This works fine except when going to listen to the calls in the Call Monitor Interface.

Inbound calls are showing fine in the Call Monitor, but outbound call recordings appear to all be pulled by the outbound CID, so it pulls all of them, not just the ones for the extension logged in, but all of the outbound calls made by extensions with the same CID.

I’m not sure if this is technically a bug, but it’s kind of annoying as there’s no reference to the channel in the ARI, so there’s no way to tell which outbound call recording is from what extension.

Any ideas how to get around this problem? Possibly something I’ve missed in configuration? Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.