Call monitor does not appear to record calls


Please be gentle with me as I am a complete novice when it comes to Linux and PBX so anyway here goes.

System Set up is as follows
Server HP ML370 2.5gb Ram 2 Pentium3 1.113 ghz Proccesors 1 18gb Scsi Hard Drive
Freepbx 2.7
Centos 5.4 kernel 2.6.18-164.6.1.e15
Webmin 1.510
Zaptel 1.412.1
Addons 1.4.7
PSTN thru SPA 3102

I have had a older version of PIAF working fine on an old PC and the SPA3102, I decided to do a new install on the server hardware listed above and have updated everything to the latetest versions.

I have PIAF set up the same as the old install, well everthing works fine with the new install with the exception of recording incomming calls, the problem I get is that when I login to Voicemail & Recodings and select call monitor I see the calls listed and the Play and Download Icons, but when I click on the play icon nothing happens, and if I click on the download Icon I get the file not found error with this in the querystring I have also noticed that if I go to recordings thru the PIAF admin panel I get this in the querystring but I still get the file not found error.

Help please I am at a loss to know how to fix this, I have googled to no avail so far.