Call Monitor Audio is jittery and jumpy

I haven’t really had this problem until recently, but when I go into my Call Monitor and download audio files, I find that the audio is very jittery and jumpy. It’s as though it’s on fast forward and it starts skipping certain audio sections.

I have a suspicion it has something to do with QoS, but I’m not 100% sure. It hasn’t always been like this, so I’m a little confused why it would start now.

Anyone have any insight as to what might be causing it?

I’m doing some more testing and it may be related to Internet traffic. So if all the bandwidth is being used up, then it starts cutting out.

I did some more testing, and it’s not related to the bandwidth or QoS. Whether I have it on or not, it’s still jittery.

I don’t think it’s bandwidth related, because even system recordings on the PBX side get skipped.

jeffersonkim, I see this is your first post. Have you read: ?

We are willing to help but do to the lack of details about your system setup, it’s like shooting in the dark at a problem. You know your system but we don’t. Even if you had stated it in another message days ago, you could have changed things between then and now.

But I’ll start and give you some info to do on.
If QoS is configured properly and your whole network supports it then audio will not get lost unless you exceed the bandwidth limits you defined for that QoS setup. FYI: a single switch or router that does not support it can or will strip the QoS information.

Assuming a dedicated system (See next item down) maybe you are sharing a IRQ and it is now becoming a hardware conflict.

This a dedicated system? By that I mean it is only a phone system, NOT a phone system running in a VM, or acting as a firewall, or a Web server, or a FTP host, a site monitoring device, or anything else…

many, many things can cause audio issues. Network bandwidth is one, server performance is another, a harddrive failing could be a third, a overloaded box fourth, mis-configured QoS (Say you configure for SIP but are using IAX)?

The list goes on and on so help us help you please.

I was hoping that my symptom was fairly common so I wouldn’t need to go through a technical walk through. Sometimes it’s just a little “check box” that wasn’t clicked.

I’ll be waiting it out to see if the problem dis

ie. Not enabling Anonymous SIP calls (newb mistake I’ve made many times)