Call monitor and ring groups


I’m running FreePBX v2.4.1.0 on Asterisk V1.4.15.

I have a ring group set with 3 extensions in it. One of those extensions has recording enabled. However, a call to the ring group will cause any of the extensions to be recorded as well.

From what I’ve gathered, recording of calls start as soon as the extension called starts ringing - before the extension has been picked up. While this is great to “snoop” into what’s being said before someone picks up the phone, it might be contributing to the recording of all extensions in a ring group.

This might be prevented if we had an option to start recording only after the extension has been picked up. Do we have such a thing? If not, I’d like to propose it. Alternatively, yet slightly more involved, would be to start recording with the 1st ring but stop (and discard) if an extension not set to recording picks up.


FYI: asterisk 1.4.15 has several serious security issues. So I’d highly recommend that you upgrade to at least 1.4.17 as 1.4.16 and earlier also have a SIP security vulnerability on top of the issue with 1.4.15. Without reviewing the complete bugfix list it is possible that it was a known issue with that version and might be gone in a newer asterisk release. (info if you want to check is at

Hi. Thanks for the tip. I upgraded to a couple of days ago (along with the usual breakage of MySQL where it changes the password to default and CRD stops working). Now the calls start recording after the extension in the ring group pickups but it still records extensions that are not set to do so. It seems that if any of the ring group extensions is set to record/monitor, all others in the group will also be recorded.

Being new at this I’m not sure if I report these types of requests here or should I open a ticket with Digium?