Call Monitor Access With No Voicemail Setup

Hello all,

Not sure if there is a way to do this or not.

We have a few phone extensions - and some of them are softphones. If the person’s softphone is not on, it will then ring to their deskphone. This is done as a call forwarding if unavailable.

However, we want to record all incoming and outgoing calls. But you do not have access to view the recorded calls unless voicemail is setup on the extension - which then gives access to the Recordings portal.

Is there any other way to access the recordings without having voicemail setup? We don’t need voicemail setup on the softphone extensions - but voicemail has to be enabled for us to get to those calls.

FreePBX version is and Asterisk version is

Thank you!

Looks like I found my own answer. The previous version of FreePBX didn’t have them in this area - but there is now a Recording column in the Reports - CDR Reports. This allows recordings without having voicemail enabled on the extension.