Call missed behavior on newer versions of FreePBX

I’m running a fairly old version of FreePBX/Asterisk right now. All my incoming calls come into a ring group, and picking-up on any phone in that ring group causes the other phones to show the call as missed.

From speaking with people, it appears newer versions have changed this behavior so that a call answered at any extension causes the other extensions to receive a message that the call was received elsewhere, so they won’t show me a missed call message.

I got a real good deal on some GXP2160 phones and was thinking of upgrading to a newer version of FreePBX, but I wouldn’t want to change the way missed calls are reported, is there a way to adjust FreePBX/Asterisk to behave like it used to?

There is an option that tries to simulate that old behavior. It will show all missed calls for all people. Works ok for some clients but for others they liked the old behavior.

Can anyone point me to the option name or location so I can read up on this?

In both Queues and Ring groups:


Nope, it doesn’t do that unless you set it to.

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