Call Metrics /w Hunt Groups

Hi there

I am using FreePBX Distro 14.

We have a small call center and would like to pull call metrics, mainly how many inbound calls there was each day, how many calls each extension took, etc.

I know there is Asternic out there which I’ve used some time ago, but if I recall, it only works with call queues; in this scenario, hunt groups are being used.

Would Asternic meet our needs here or is there another tool I should be looking at?


I believe Asternic could be one option. The demo site that they have setup seems to suggest they can do skills and groups. There also appears to be a free trial, so maybe try that and let us know?

There is also a paid module from Sangoma. A quick google returned this:

I don’t think Asternic will be viable if you aren’t using queues. From their FAQ:

Can I monitor Ring Groups?
No. Asternic Call Center Stats reports on Queues activities by means of the asterisk queue_log file. Ring groups do not log activity in the queue_log file.

I’m not sure if you can monitor ring groups using Q-Act reports…

Dong something custom with the CDR might be an option then. Is the use of ringgroups vs. using a queue set in stone?

I sure hope not… The customer wants to be able to view call center style metrics, so it sounds like he needs to switch to a call center style operation and use queues. Thanks anyhow!

There’s an old Doctor joke that ends with “… well then, don’t do that.”

I can’t think of a thing where a queue is a disadvantage in a place where a ring group is being used. In my experience, you can set up a queue to “sound” exactly like a ring group, or you can make it work like a queue. The big advantage (as far as I’m concerned) is that you get a lot more control over a queue than you do over a ring group.

So, given that and the fact that you are looking for queue metrics (which aren’t called “ring group metrics” for a reason), I’d suggest changing your ring groups over to queues and avoid the holiday rush…

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