Call Manager Express and FreePBX

Using Call Manager Express 4.0 in a very simple environment. We use Cisco phones in a few remote office for internal dialing (extensions) only. No FXO/FXS cards, no external dialing, just office to office communication. We are looking for a free voicemail solution at the moment. I recently downloaded and installed AsteriskNOW v1.5 with FreePBX v2.5.1.0 in hopes this would satisfy those needs.

I have never used Asterisk so this is a bit of a learning curve for me, and I’m not sure what I’m doing. For starters, is it possible to use FreePBX soley as a voicemail solution for our CME extensions? And if so, could someone point me in the right direction on how exactly to set this up? I very much appreciate your help.

$1.50 cash to anyone who can provide an answer.

Alright, $2.00! But that’s it! No mas!!!