Call losing audio after many minutes


Audio lost after 45 minutes. Has happened a number of times. Users loosing confidence.
Strange looking log. Following call being established then 45 minutes later next entries look to me like a new call arriving but user doesn’t remember any call, user just hung up. Am not very good with logs.

Large log. Can someone look at log? How do I submit?

Share the log via a link to pastebin. Not the full log, just the problem call

Tho sounds like a signaling issue to me, in which case full log may not reveal the problem

Have a copy of log as text file on PC. What is best way to post it?

Oh, OK reviewing PasteBin.

Well, after further review, you are correct. My untrained eye sees no obvious problem in the logs.
It is a little interesting that the length of the call was 45 minutes. Are there any call length settings in FPBX for the PJSIP calls?
What other ways to diagnose?


Are you able to post a log? There is a chance it is network related. Set your SIP debug to on in the logs, so we can see the SIP messages.

After some practice reading the log, it was clear that it contained noything related to the disconnect. I have turned on SIP logging. If it continues to be a problem, I hope that will help.
Any other suggestions for collecting data?

The PBX being NAT for all this? Are the phones on the same local network as the PBX? If they are, do internal calls have this happen after 45 minutes? To check that it will require an internal test call left up for over 45 minutes to see what happens. If the call continues but all calls to/from the PSTN (traversing NAT) have an issue, then this is a NAT related issue.

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