Call logs - can you determine which extension of a ring group picks up?

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I have a general question. I am running a support call center. Our current set up consists of a Ring Group which is what calls into our support number terminate to. When I look at the Call Logs under Reports, I can see incoming calls coming in to destination 500, which is the Ring Group.

My question is, is there a way to determine which actual extension in the ring group actually picked up?

I am running FreePBX


If you’re running a call center, you’ll probably want to use the Queues module instead of Ring Groups.

The FreePBX call logs don’t appear to show who answers a call that goes to a Ring Group, but I’m certain you could find out who answered a call in the Asterisk log if you needed to. The asterisk logs are located here:


today’s log is called


Yesterday’s log is


The day before that is


and so on.

To view the log, execute the following commands at the Linux Command Prompt:

cd /var/log/asterisk
nano full

(or full.1 or full.2, etc)

To exit the log viewer, hit CTRL-X.

This one worked for me:


Thanks for your response. The structure of our call center is better suited (at least for now) to Ring Groups instead of Queues.

Thanks for the link. This worked for me too. The file location has changed a bit (it’s now in /var/www/html/admin/cdr/).



do you know where I can find this file in newest version of freepbx ?