Call log

How do I install or activate call log in FreePBX?
I don’t see master.csv in /var/log/asterisk/cdr-csv/ this dir is empty
I can log into mysql using #mysql -u freepbx -p
In /etc/asterisk/cdr_mysql.conf I have password = fpbx and user = freepbx
iserid = 1 dbname = asteriskcdrdb
In tools, asterosk logfiles I see /var/log/asterisk/full - last 2000 lines has data in it.

If I go to reports at the buttom - call logs - No data found !!!

Dahdi 2.2.0-rc4

install the asterisk addon’s…

What ver?
I see asterisk-addons- to be the latest.
Installed it but get losts of error. Any stable ver?

The matching one for the version of asterisk you are running…

Yes that’s stating the obvious but it seems you didn’t follow that.

If you have asterisk 1.2 you install the addon’s for 1.2, for 1.4 the addon’s for 1.4 and you only use the addon’s for 1.6 is you are using 1.6… The addon’s require the source of asterisk to be compiled (as that is what you are doing) and when you mis match the versions it can’t find the right parts of the code and you clearly get errors.

So since you are using asterisk use the latest addons for 1.4…

FYI: since you are using asterisk 1.4 > 1.4.21.x it is currently HIGHLY recommended at this time that you stick to the latest 1.4.22.x version as 1.4.23.x and 1.4.24.x both have major issues…

Thanks, that’s the kind of info I was looking for.
I rather have a stable Asterisk than a latest Asterisk.

I’ll give it a try.

I’ve installed asterisk-addons 1.4.8 but still get errors and after a reboot none of my DAHDI channels work. Good that I made an image backup before any mayor update or upgrade.

I’ll keep checking see which one works.

Maybe I should go to Asterisk 1.6?

Do you want us to guess? you don’t post any of the details like the errors you gets for us to tell you want is wrong… without those how do you expect us to help?

Changing asterisk versions just because you can’t get it working is not a proper solution as asterisk 1.4 is in use by tens of thousands of people just fine. So you either are missing a requirement, have messed things up as you had mixed versions at one point and that WILL cause problems, etc…

Take the time clean up your source trees, re-download the asterisk sources and add on sources and make the addons. It does and will work just fine. Using the shotgun approach of I’ll try this. If I can’t get it working at the first shot I’ll just jump and try something else is not a real good approach or a good testing/debugging technique.

If you think you have problem with 1.4 you’ll probably have more with 1.6 as several versions have huge bug issues…