Call Log/Missed Calls stopped weeks ago

Hello all,

Running PBXact
Using Sangoma P330 phones.

Around May 4th, all of our phones stopped logging calls both received and answered as well as missed calls. Missed calls will notify on the phone and show the missed call, but when the screen returns to home, it does not keep the record of the missed call.

I checked the UCP for a few of the extensions and the same thing is showing. Call log stopped logging calls on May 4th however the Call Events is showing accurate call activity.

I am sure is a module update that broke it, but not even sure where to begin discovering which module it was. Any advice?

Update. I looked through the asterisk logs and found that only the CDR module was updated at the exact time the logs were broke. I rolled back the CDR module and reloaded. It did not fix it.

So I rebooted the entire system after hours and rebuilt and updated the phone configs and that fixed it.

CDR 16.0.33 was the version that failed to produce call logs.

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