Call line is busy?


Currently, I am working on a project creating the callcenter program. Everything was setup up and the call worked for both inbound and outbound but, after the certificate update the phone call does not work anymore. It displays the error saying its busy on the inspect console. I have no idea what to do next…

Can you post the call log?


Thank you for your reply. I will post two images of log from console log and asterisk log below.

Thank You again!

Sorry it says i cannot upload to image so im uploading it twice. Here is the image for the console log.consoleLog

I’m old, so my memory isn’t as sharp as it used to be, but it seems to me that this is usually caused by not installing Chan-SIP. Install the Chan-SIP driver and then disable it and see if that helps.

The other possibility is that your ‘wss,ws’ stuff is messed up. I know there were quite a few posts earlier in the year about this.

Thank you!! I will install the Chan-sip and then disable it and see if that will do anything.

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