Call in to make a call out

I’ve been using FreePBX for a while and I love it immensely. I keep thinking of new things I want to add on to it.

TL;DR: I want to setup my phone system so that when I call into it, I interrupt my IVR with a hidden sequence of numbers, hashes and stars all acting as a password, get the system to prompt me for the number I want to dial out to, and then let it complete the call. Obviously security is a concern which is why the IVR as an intercept. Can anyone give me a hint on where I need to start this venture?

I am a software developer and I’m not opposed to learning a new language. PBX systems are a new technology to me, all with new terminologies, which is a hurdle itself to learn, but, getting this project going, I’ll do what I need to do. :wink:

I’m using FreePBX for home use only. This software is certainly over kill, but I love over kill. :wink:

I want to introduce a new function into my phone system. If I’m at a pay phone, or at work, or at a phone in the local calling area, it would be nice if I could call my PBX, then have the machine make calls to where I need to go with a hidden sequence of numbers in my IVR.


  • I call my home number
  • Interrupt the IVR with a password via numerical keypad
  • It prompts me for a phone number
  • I type in the 10-digit number
  • It makes the connection.

Right now I have setup extensions for the phone numbers I want to be able to dial out to, but its kind of a pain when I want to add more. Create the extension, modify the extension, modify the to the IVR, save the changes, off we go. However, as you can see and are probably already aware of, many short-falls on this approach. Mostly maintainability.

What you want already exists. Try the DISA module.


I owe you a beer.

Thank you. Easier setup than I imagined. :]

Glad to Help!!!