Call in Bulletin Board

Hi all,

I am trying to setup a “call-in” information/ bulletin board. When someone dials a number, the caller will hear a message/announcement for example: “The transport on Monday has been rescheduled from 0600am to 0530am”. Adding messages to be done by a user who does not have access to the pbx. if possible, even willing to go for bulletin number per department. Is such a feature available?

Created a Frankenstein solution:
create an extension, enable voice-mail, record temporary greeting (the bulletin), tweak the mailbox settings, slap it on a “misc application”, add it to the IVR.

For now it’s workable, but a more use-able module would be nice, instead of making separate extensions.
Hopes my band aid will help someone.


You create an announcement, the announcement will be assigned a feature code to re-record.

Then you give the person who needs it the code to re-record as needed.

How do I assign an announcement to a feature code?
Or can you point to which modules I should be looking at?
pbx version 6.12.65-20

The feature code is actually attached to the System Recording used for the Announcement, and only if enabled under Admin, System Recordings.

Found it. First I created a system recording and then enabled the “Link to Feature Code”.
Thanks guys.
Handy little thing is also the Feature Code Password option to restrict access.