Call History shows CID instead of called party on PJSIP Trunk but not CHAN_SIP

Noticed an odd problem today. When endpoints make an outbound call, the call history on their IP phones shows the outbound CID instead of the phone number dialed.
This only occurs when the outbound trunk is PJSIP. If the outbound trunk is CHAN_SIP everything is fine.

Occurs on both Asterisk 13.36.0 and 16.9.0 (both running FreePBX
Mitel and Yealink endpoints.
Carrier I’m using is Bandwidth, so there is no authentication or registration for trunks.
I’ve toggled the User = Phone off and on and doesn’t have any effect.

Any ideas?

Can you please post a full call trace of a ChanSIP and then PJSIP call using pastebin?

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