Call has been declined

Hi, I have installed FreePBX 15.0.29 on a pc computer. I added some SIP[chan_pjsip] extensions.
I used the softphone called Linphone in order to make a call from one smart phone to another. After finishing the Linphone with specific extension configuration directly I got the notification: “Connected” as shown in the below screenshot

But when I try to make a call with another Linphone device (with a second extension) I get the notification: "Call has been declined " as shown in the following screenshot

Please, I need help to solve this problem

Note: the UDP with port 5060 are used in the Linphone to make a call through the FreePBX.

Check that the password is correct.

Otherwise start with:

and possibly repeat that after using the CLI command “psjsip set logger on”.

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