Call hangs up after 32 seconds

Hi all,

Just reinstalled FreePBX and I’m having an issue I didn’t get before. Every call hangs up after exactly 32 seconds. I am aware that there are many articles about this issue, but they haven’t worked for me. I’ve changed the NAT info, increased the timeout, both to no avail. How can I sort this out?


Generally it is the external addresses that need setting, rather than the SIP nat= parameters. Is that what you mean by the NAT parameters.

32 seconds is a very strong indication that ACK or OK is not going through and that is almost always because the wrong address is being given in Contact headers.

If you are using the legacy driver, there will be an explicit message in the log, assuming it was Asterisk and not the peer that aborted. For chan_pjsip, you will need to use the CLI command “pjsip set logger on”, to see what is happening.

I’m so confused.
After a reboot a day later, it’s fixed itself. Sorry for wasting your time.

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