Call from / to extension rejected because extension not found in context

Hi All,

I’m a total noob, hopefully someone can help me.

I am running FreePBX on a raspberry pi.

I am using the latest image available for download which is based on Raspbian (Debian7 / Wheezy) and includes:

Asterisk 11.6.0

I am able to make internal calls from an iphone using linphone using number 401 and am able to call a yealink t20p phone which is using number 101 successfully. As far as i am aware, internal calls are fine. Additionally i can call out via my provider localphone to my mobile phone or to a landline fine.

I am unable to receive internal calls.

I have just worked out how to access the cli and when i call my line, i get the following error message.

== Using SIP RTP TOS bits 184
== Using SIP RTP CoS mark 5
[2014-02-24 20:12:33] NOTICE[2929][C-00000052]: chan_sip.c:25381 handle_request_invite: Call from ‘3328***’ ( to extension ‘441793204***’ rejected because extension not found in context ‘localphone-in’.

Can someone please offer me some advise. As far as i am aware, the incoming call is not going from the trunk to the extension.

Now i am able to dial my did/ddi number from the softphone and the call is succesful, If i set the inbound route to terminate the call, it terminates the call, however i am on the same lan.

If i use my mobile phone to make the same call, i get a beeping sound. I get this sound regardless if the inbound route is set to terminate the call or if it is set to go through to an extension.

One thing i have noticed, the error message mentions ‘localphone-in’.
I do not currently have a trunk or a route named as ‘localphone-in’.
I did have a trunk or incoming route named ‘localphone-inbound’ but i reinstalled freepbx on the flash card. I did not format the card.

All advise is welcomed with open arms.
What makes it worse, i got it working yesterday but then it failed.
I was making test calls from my mobile phone provider to localphone but i started to get engaged tones so i scrubbed the card, when in actual fact there was a known fault between the voip provider and mobile phone provider. If i had known, i would have left it alone.

Thanks again

The issus is resolved, the incoming settings on my trunks configured correctly. I do now have an issue with one of my phones having one way audio when making internal calls, but i will start a new thread on this.