Call from FreePBX via Asterisk server

Hi all,
I have two server, FreePBX 10 and Asterisk 13. Asterisk will trunk with Telco. FreePBX will trunk with Asterisk. All inbound and outbound call of FreePBX will through Asterisk.
I need solution or guide for this case. Sorry about bad English.
Thanks all for reading.

FreePBX 10 is 5 years old and unsupported, so no solutions or guides are likely, previously you have been advised to use a proxy, look at

but first of all you need to replace your old FreePBX with a newer and more secure version

Thanks you. I use FreePBX-10.13.66 because it’s stable.

Almost everyone here will disagree with you. It is old creaky and insecure. As is the OS you are running it under.

Looks like OP is running Distro 10.13.66 (FreePBX 13) which is still supported.


… and relatively easy to upgrade when the time comes.

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