Call from FreePBX via Asterisk server

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Hi all,
I have two server, FreePBX 10 and Asterisk 13. Asterisk will trunk with Telco. FreePBX will trunk with Asterisk. All inbound and outbound call of FreePBX will through Asterisk.
I need solution or guide for this case. Sorry about bad English.
Thanks all for reading.


FreePBX 10 is 5 years old and unsupported, so no solutions or guides are likely, previously you have been advised to use a proxy, look at

but first of all you need to replace your old FreePBX with a newer and more secure version

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Thanks you. I use FreePBX-10.13.66 because it’s stable.


Almost everyone here will disagree with you. It is old creaky and insecure. As is the OS you are running it under.

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Looks like OP is running Distro 10.13.66 (FreePBX 13) which is still supported.

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… and relatively easy to upgrade when the time comes.

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