Call foward

Using freepbx distro 2.10

I have a IAX trunk set up between two boxes and it works fine. I want to be able to foward outside calls to both boxes internally. Currently the extentions are set up on a ring group and when the call comes in it rings the respective phones. I would like to be able to add in a ring group extention on the other box so the phone call will ring the local extentions as well as the remote extentions.

Currently the IAX trunk has no problems using the intercom. It registers the proper extention when paging.

You can put remote extension numbers in a ring group.

I tried that but it doesnt seem to work.

External numbers used in Ring groups have to be suffixed with a #

Still no luck. I am using a remote ring group inside of the local ring group. Could that be the problem?

I just upgraded to asterisk 11 distro 2.11 and the trick wtih the # doesn’t work with the new system. Is there another way to do it?

I think it does work.

Do you think some logs of calls would be helpful? Perhaps some info on you configuration would be helpful too.

Probably best to start a new thread too.