Call Foward just external Numbers

Hello Community,
i’m trying to find a way to make a call forward just for external calls.
for example:
An extension set their a “call forwarding ALL” to the mobile phone.
But i want to prevent his mobile phone to get the “calls” from our Doorbell (which is another extension)
Our Old system had the funktion to only forward external calls.
Is the a similar funktion in the Free PBX?
if it helps, we are using Yealink phones.

Thank you for your help

the extension is set to forward all calls. So that’s what it does.

You could create misc destinations with the uses cell phone numbers. Then create a ring group for just external calls that rings the desk phones and the misc destination numbers.

for the doorbell create a ring group that only rings the desk phones.

I believe that for the Ring Group that is dialed by the doorbell, just setting Ignore CF Settings to Yes should do what you want.

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Hey @Stewart1,

Thank you for your suggestion, this funktion solves my Problem!

Also thank ou for you suggestion, this is in our case not really practical, cause we need to change the forwarded number from the yealink phone.

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