Call forwarding

How do I set call forwarding? Say a incoming call rings 2 times and then be forward to an answering server

Follow me

where is it

FOLLOW ME works well for me (on PIAF) - aside from one issue

Any call to the 4 digit extension is properly forwarded.
Any call to the DID # is not forwarded correctly.

Anybody has any customized code to show the correct CID on those follow me setting?
Why other company can forward the phone and CID while we cannot handle the forward

If you are using Free PBX, which I assume since this is a Free PBX forum, there is a “Follow Me” tab under setup on the administration page. If you are not the administrator, it can also be managed from the user portal where voicemail is managed on the browser. If you have problems, let us know the version of software you are running.