Call forwarding with original CallerID

Hello people,

I have a Misc Destinations module set to external mobile phone and calls from my FreePBX got redirect to that phone outside of working hours. Misc Destinations is called in my IVR and everything works fine, besides that external mobile phone that calls get redirected can’t see original CallerID instead it see the number of my trunk CallerID (Basically it’s like he got call from FreePBX and not external original CallerID). I tried fixing it with Ring Groups instead of Misc Destinations but without success (Basically creating Ring Group and calling it in IVR instead of Misc Destinations with external number added in Extensions List option with # at the end. I am not sure about Ring Group Number option maybe i should change something there or maybe some other option if anyone has any idea i will be grateful thx.

I would think if you made a ring group with the external number and

  1. do not fill in the field called “fixed cid”
  2. do not “force the cid”, leave it as “allow any CID” on the trunk itself
  3. the SIP provider allows foreign caller ID outbound
  4. the SIP provider isnt overriding CID (can different extensions have different outbound CID?)

then it should work as you expect…I usually run into providers that wont let you “spoof” the caller ID with a number you dont own - and overriding it with the “main nunber”. try making an extension with a goofy caller id and call outbound and see if that comes through - if so - then you know its just a dialplan issue to figure out.

It is quite likely that your provider is overriding the caller ID. Because of caller ID spoofing by criminals and telemarketers, it is becoming very difficult to present a caller ID other than one you can prove to the provider that you can control, and some providers may not offer that option.

If they handle both legs, it may be possible, but you will need to ask them about the correct procedures.

Providers that allow this without checks are likely to find that the callee rejects the call because it is marked as having an unverified caller ID.

Not many SIP trunk providers override the callerID because it’s a SIP trunk and numerous DIDs could be associated with it. As for more standard/legacy style services that would most likely be the case. The one thing to check for is to make sure the PBX isn’t forcing a CallerID at the outbound route or trunk level that is overriding what has been sent because by default FreePBX keeps the incoming caller ID when it gets routed back out the PBX unless something tells it not to.

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