Call forwarding, will not show Caller-ID

Hi all, every time when I forward a caller to another phone, the number is not displayed on the other phone.

1- Caller calls on Phone 1.
2- Forward the Caller to Phone2.
3- Phone2 can not see the number of the Caller. Only the number of Phone1.

Thanks for the help.

If the call to phone2 is being made on an analog line, it is impossible, as there is no way to transmit caller ID.

If it’s on a PRI, ask your provider to enable sending arbitrary caller IDs. By default, most providers allow you to send only numbers that you have with them.

If it’s SIP or other VoIP and your provider permits, it should work without doing anything special. Post some details about provider, trunk settings, etc.

If you can’t pass caller ID with your present setup, consider adding a SIP trunk from another provider for this purpose (it can also serve as a backup). Several offer a small credit at startup, so you can test without making a payment.

Hi @Stewart1,
yes, it’s SIP. AsteriskNow in combination with a OpenVox Card B400E, on a old HP P4 Server 2Gbyte RAM.


ISDN -> OpenVox -> DAHDI -> Trunk -> Inbound -> Extension -> Telephone.

Bevore we build the Asterisk PBX an switched to VOIP, we used a ELMEG PBX with ISDN only.

PS: The forward was within, our telephon-network.
CALLER -> Phone 1-extension 33 -> Phone1 will forward to Phone 2-extension 34 -> Phone2 see after the transfer the number of phone 1 -extension 33

No ideas anyone? This is realy important for me, to solve this problem.