Call Forwarding where is it stored

where does freepbx / asterisk store the call forwarding info

I am using asterisk 1.8 on centos 5.5

when you press *72 where does the call forwarding value get stored and how does asterisk know to use this number to call out


It was the phone thanks for your guys help, I appreciate your responses.

check to make sure your phone doesn’t have a device side feature code that uses *72 and thus is never being sent to Asterisk.

I did *72 on my extension and in the cli I see it working

asterisk -rx "database showkey CF"
0 results found.
asterisk -rx "database showkey CFU"
0 results found.
asterisk -rx "database showkey CFB"
0 results found.
asterisk -rx "database show CFB"
0 results found.
asterisk -rx "database show CF"
0 results found.
asterisk -rx "database show CFU"
0 results found.

core show version
Asterisk built on a x86_64 running Linux on 2011-03-18 18:08:36 UTC


Okay so if I do database put CF extension number it looks like it will use that number to forward calls

just odd that if I enter a number through *72 on the phone its not showing up in the db.

It is stored in the Asterisk database (astdb).

what is it under ?

so in the cli if I type

database show key

what would I type to view it?

also if I put a key value in the database will freepbx know that it exists?

my over all goal is to have a external app put values in the astdb and forward calls for extensions.

CF, CFU, CFB are the keys. If you update the database FreePBX will know about it.

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