Call forwarding using phone's forward softkey fails


Freepbx version: 5.211.65-18

I have a customer that has digium phones. When they enable unconditional call forwarding using the forward softkey on the phone the forwarding fails. The provider does not allow any CID that is not owned by the customer. I have tried the block foreign CIDs setting on the trunk, but the call is still rejected by the provider. Does anyone know what would get unconditional forwarding from the phone to work?

Thanks in advance


Don’t use forwarding from the phone itself, map that key to the underlying asterisk forwarding code and the restrictions will be honored


I have never re-programmed any softkeys before, aside from creating custom phonebooks in FreePBX to use the rapid dial keys. Where would I find the mapping for the key?


That would be in the documentation of your phone.

FYI turns out there is currently not a way to reprogramme the defualt softkeys o the digium phones. We are add ing a custom app that will allow the user to invoke the *72 feature via softkey instead.