Call Forwarding to show CID that forwards not the CID that is being forwarded, please help!

I am haveing trouble with call forwarding. In my country it is forbidden to fake a number that you don´t own and there for the ISP is cutting the CID of the forwarded number and puts a base number instead of it. So rather then show a base number that is useless we need FreePBX to show the CID that is forwarding.


1 - the number that calls in
2 - the number that is forwarding (1)
3 - the number that (1) is forwarded to

So I need 3 to show the number of (2) in place of showing (1). What must I do and wich macro or conf file should I be looking at?

Help plz :S … its still a problem.

You have provided very little details about your setup, and I am not a mind reader…
From FreePBX version 2.7 (if I am not mistaken) you can set various CID options in the Trunk setup (from the Tooltip):

Determines what CIDs will be allowed out this trunk. IMPORTANT: EMERGENCY CIDs defined on an extension/device will ALWAYS be used if this trunk is part of an EMERGENCY Route regardless of these settings.

Allow Any CID: all CIDs including foreign CIDS from forwarded external calls will be transmitted.

Block Foreign CIDs: blocks any CID that is the result of a forwarded call from off the system. CIDs defined for extensions/users are transmitted.

Remove CNAM: this will remove CNAM from any CID sent out this trunk

Force Trunk CID: Always use the CID defined for this trunk except if part of any EMERGENCY Route with an EMERGENCY CID defined for the extension/device.:

Thank you for your reply.

I am somewhat new to FreePBX forums so I am very sorry if I didn´t give enough information. I am useing FreePBX 2.8.3 and asterisk 1.6.0. and useing a SIP trunk.

I do not see any CID options besides Never Override Caller ID wich I am useing at the moment because otherwise my ISP drops calls that are forwarded and originate from foreign countries.

So basically I want to block foreign CIDs and replace them with the CID that wants to forward it. So if I forward all my calls from my desk phone to my mobile phone, then if someone calls my desk phone I want to see the number of my desk phone in place of a base number that my ISP wants to show me, because forwarding foreign CIDs is forbidden in Estonia.

Are you using a distro like AsteriskNOW or trixbox?

The reason that I ask is that there is no FreePBX 2.8.3, the latest released version is

oh … im sorry. I was sure it was the version of the FreePBX I didn´t check it twice. I really don´t know what version I have of FreePBX anymore and I don´t know how to check it. I cant find anything on google about how to check FreePBX`s version. I am useing Trixbox and it is not too old, I believe it has been installed only few months ago.

thank you

Trixbox use a “forked” version of FreePBX that is very old and out of official Support.
You have a couple of options:
Install a proper distro like AsteriskNOW, Pbx in a Flash or Elastix
Google on how to untrix trixbox and upgrade to The Real FreePBX
Keep it as you have and complain over at the trixbox forums

lol thanks anyway :smiley: … but could you tell me how to check the version of FreePBX? It would help me a lot in the future. I can´t find anything on google about how to check it. Been looking for a while now.