Call forwarding to mobile (FreePBX

Greetings to all. Help Board.
There is an external number 12345 (sip trunk), has extension 101. I want to configure extensions 101 redirect to an external (mobile) number under the scheme:
1 . Man makes a call from any external number to the number 12345
2. “Incoming routes” sends the call to 101
3. extension 101 are forwarded to the mobile number (0987654321) and call out in the sip-trunk 12345

I configured call forwarding via “follow me”, but it is not working as it should. If I call from 102 to 101, then the call goes to mobile (0987654321). If I call from an external number to 123456, the call goes to 101, but forwarding is not working.

How to correctly implement the described scheme using FreePBX?

I had a problem like this where people would call in on my “cell redirector” from my VOIP provider and the audio would fail.

I added a second provider and routed the call out on the second provider and everything just worked. I’m not sure I understand the purpose of extension 101 in your example.

Here’s how I was set up:

  1. Calls come in from SIP provider.
  2. Call is automatically routed to custom destination based on inbound DID.
  3. Custom destination called out.

With same provider, call would go through, but RTP would fail. With different providers, RTP worked fine.