Call Forwarding to External Number

Hi, I have this problem with callforwardings, I have a extension which is registred I can call out and i also have inbound route with my DID, my outbound call system works with dialplan, “custom contexts” that I have so I sent my outbound calls to specific trunk. In this situation everything works, in and out.

Now my problem is when I forward all my call’s to a external number let’s say : 0012127773456, than it forwards it,but something goes wronog and the call is disconnected whyle still in progress, like it is not using settings of the outbound trunk I gues, cause it’s getting rejected, I have seen the log on the other side (provider’s side) it shows that it’s a call from a mobile, so it’s not showwing a legitime inbound call, it’s not recognizing it,so my pbx sends not the user and pass from the trunk, but something else. Like the username and pass is wrong. Please help guys, what m I doing wrong here ?

“is there some problem with my questions ?” No, not at all… other than that there are several spelling and punctuation errors. Oh, and your description of the problem doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Oh, wait, no, that couldn’t be it - it must be that everybody is so stupid! Nope, you’re probably not going to get much help here, since we are all too stupid to read your mind and figure out what the h-e-double hockey sticks your problem actually is.

(Hint: If you actually want help in these forums, using the word “stupid” or some variant to describe those who might otherwise be inclined to help you pretty much guarantees that you’re on your own… unless maybe there’s someone that actually enjoys being abused! And if no one reacts, that usually either means you are far too impatient and haven’t waited long enough, or no one knows the answer - and if you don’t state the problem VERY clearly, there’s a much greater chance that no one will know the answer.)

Hi, I’m just very surprised, first of all nobody reacted before I call somebody stupid :slight_smile: and second, I’m surpized that on a forum of free PBX itself, is so quiet, and not helpy.
I’m sorry for those who feel affended, that’s not my intention to do, intention was to draw attention, see if the forum is a life :). Now I see it is.
Further , My problem is call forwarding to external number, some how my pbx get’s service unavailable , authentication error from the other end the Voip providers end. I can call out, and I’m also getting calls in on this extension. So the system works perfect. The only thing more I need is to be able to forward my calls when I’m absend, to my mobile. and this is when the problem happens. somehow the asterisk sends the call not with the user and pass of my extension’s trunk, and than it get’s rejected.

I hope this time my question is more understandable, and for the spelling errors I’m sorry, I’m not american nor english, but trieng my best. :slight_smile:

Hi guys, I’m asking for help for second time here, but nobody reacts, is there some problem with my questions ? :slight_smile: or is everybody so stupid ?