Call Forwarding/Proxying


Is it possible to set up an extension at my office that can be dial and from which can then provide a number to forward the call? That way if a person makes a call for work from their cell phone or another off site phone, etc, they could call the office, notionally dial the ext. NNN, and then dial the actual number to call. This would make the call appear to the person on the other line that the call came from the office, instead of their cell phone? Essentially, I want to know if we can route / proxy a call through the office for work related calls?

I would think this this is possible but I’m not a telecon engineer so I don’t know all the pieces necessary to do this.

Any help would be most appreciated.


Good morning, Echo.

I’m not 100% sure my suggestion will fit your needs exactly but you may want to look in to the DISA module.

You should Google “freepbx disa” and the first couple links to the FreePBX wiki should provide enough of an explanation to help you decide.

Good luck!

There was a really good chat about this a couple of weeks ago. We came to the conclusion that DISA with Callback was a good general purpose solution that met that poster’s needs.


Thanks for the link… I’ll read and investigate.

Most appreciated.


Thanks Jonny5, will do!

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