Call forwarding on Spa5xx terminates ring group calls

freepbx distro 12

Wondering if anyone has run into this. On the Spa5xx phones, when the cfwd softkey is used to forward calls to another number and that extension is a member of a ring group, all ring group calls get terminated to the cell phone–none of the other extensions in the ringgroup are called. If the cell phone is on airplane mode or turned off, all calls terminate to the cell phone’s voicemail.

The option to ignore CF isn’t working for this, either. Spa firmware is at 7.5.7

Wait - you set up a phone to call forward any incoming calls and then made it part of a ring group?

So, when the phone answers the call and forwards it, you’re surprised that it stops ringing in the ring group?

I’m pretty sure that this has nothing to do with the SPA5xx phone. It sounds like the system is doing exactly what you told it to. Why would you set a member of a ring group to “Call Forward”? If you want the cell phone to be included in the ring group, you can include it. Now, since the phone IS part of the ring group, if the phone is off, it will go straight to voicemail without ringing - anywhere.

This all makes perfect sense to me and is operating the way I would expect it to.

No, the phone should ring the cellphone if ignore CF is not checked–and if that person picks up–great, now they get the call from the ringgroup. But the spa phone is immediately terminating the call and then passing it to the cellphone–it doesn’t matter what the cell is doing. And the option to ignore CF wasn’t working, either.

It’s a glitch in the firmware on 7.5.7 and prior. I upgraded to 7.6.2 and it’s no longer terminating all calls immediately to the cellphone, and with Ignore CF checked, it’s no longer calling the cell phone at all.