Call forwarding not working to external/cell number

Hi guys,

I have the freepbx 14 and grandstream phones and im unable to get the call forwarding working.

I have a pots line connected to dahdi and that is where im failing to get the call forwarding working. i have some debugs below, appreciate your help.


How many dahdi channels do you have? Inbound call is using 1 channel, and the outbound leg of the call appears to be failing due to no free dahdi channels.


at the moment if i go to DAHDI Channel DIDs, it shows 1.

Asterisk is a back to back user agent (B2BUA) meaning that it always stays in the call path. When you forward a call to an external DID, a second channel is set up and then bridged to the first, meaning you need at least 2 trunk channels. The channels don’t have to be the same technology tho, so you can add a SIP trunk and set up your outbound routes to use both SIP and DAHDI.

Ah ok.

there is one trunk now Dahdi01 and is attached to an outbound route, you are saying i can create another trunk, lets say sip and attach to the same outbound trunk like in sequence 2? is that correct?

Yes, correct.

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Great. will give a shot


we have got another pots line and call forwarding is working fine. now the problem is, the call hungs up after 20 seconds, any clue?

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