Call Forwarding Mess

So our client has an answering service. When the office is closed all calls need to be sent to the service.

We have TimeGroups and Conditions set up. These all work fine. What we cannot get to work is the actual call forwarding.

It work erratically AT BEST.

Using “FreePBX”

Incoming calls show up and in the Status page an external line is used. However, what happens is that the phone rings once. Then silence for 30 seconds and the system hangs up the line.

What we have tried:

  1. Adding an extension with Unconditional forward.
  2. Adding an extension with follow me settings.
  3. Adding RingGroup with only forwarded number.

Every single one does the same. Rings once then hangs up line after 30 seconds. Strangely enough if you dial the extension directly from the IVR that works with no problem.

You need to turn can-reinvite off in the sip settings. The media is getting invited off the box.

Reinvite Behavior is set to “No”