Call Forwarding From Office Extension To Cell Phone

Hello all,

I just changed positions at my work to Office IT and lumped into that role is control over the phone system. This is my first time working with any type of office phone system. We use Grandstream 2120 and 2020 phones and FreePBX. I’ve also heard Asterix (sp?) mentioned but I’ve yet to see anything called that with my own eyes.

The extent of what I’ve done so far is setting up a phone and extension for a new hire. The individual who originally controlled the phones still works here but he said they had hired someone out of country to remote in and initially setup the overall system. I do have the ability to contact him but I figured I’d try here first.

My manager wants to see if the number that is calling him along with some notation that it is coming from the office. Is it possible that if a call comes to his extension and then gets forwarded to his cell phone it could show up something like:

MF 555-555-5555 or 555-555-5555 MF

also if it’s an extension calling from within the office instead of just showing up as the main office number, it also shows the extension calling as well? So: 555-555-5555 x500 or something like that.

If there is a guide or something someone could point me to that’d be great or if someone is able to set this up for us, I’ve been told we could contract someone for the job but I’d like to learn and try to do it myself.

Thank you so much and my apologies for the lengthy post.

You can use the caller ID prefix to modify the Caller ID.

Documentation is in the wiki.

Instead of using foreign support I suggest you setup a support account with us (the FreePBX folks, just click on support). This helps support the project.

Thank you for the reply Skyking, I will check out the Wiki. I’ve seen that function/option before when I briefly looking around but I didn’t mess with it (yet).

Would this be used to set a static ID for the phone or are there variable commands that do different things? I guess I should go check out the wiki first.

I want to rewrite what my manager is asking me to do:

  1. Call to office extension from outside number, if unanswered, forwards to said person’s cell phone but preserves the original number but also indicates that it’s being forwarded from the office.

^ This doesn’t sound like it’s possible

  1. Call from within the office (extension to extension), if unanswered, forwards to said person’s cell, shows office number + a name or extension so that person can tell who specifically is calling from the office.

That seems about the same as what I wrote the first time but just worded a little differently. I just felt like I needed to rewrite it. I’m still reading through the Wiki.

Also, Skyking, thanks for the referral to FreePBX paid support. I didn’t know it was offered.