Call Forwarding and Extension Caller ID

I have an extension that is setup with its own DID (which is not the office’s primary DID number) and then have the Outbound CID set on the extension. Everything with that extension is working properly in regards to inbound and outbound calls and its associated Caller IDs.

The problem that I am having is when call forwarding is turned on to an outside phone number for that extension, the Caller ID is showing up the the main office phone number. It is ignoring the Outbound CID setting. I think this is happening because it is trying to forward the caller id of the original phone call but our sip provider does not allow that and I understand why they need to do that.

I have tried using a custom route with an Outbound CID but that did not work because the call is not originating from the extension. I have also tried Follow Me with the same results.

What I can’t get it to do is forward a call out with the same DID that it came in with. What do I need to do?

Somebody else here may have a better solution but I know Ring Groups have an option to set a Fixed CID value that might work for what you are trying to accomplish.

Thanks that does work. However, it adds more work on my side, as the admin, because I need to create a ring group for every phone number that a user wants to forward their extension to.

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