Call Forward (using *72) to External Number

I’m experiencing two issues that occur in ‘proximity’ to each other - they may or may not be related.

  1. It seems that the caller ID being sent for call forwards - to external numbers - is the caller-id set on the outgoing trunk for call forwarded calls using *72.
    However, when a call is placed directly from the same extension which is forwarded, the caller-id that is sent is the caller id set inside the extension.

Any idea why they are different and how to correct this?

  1. When I answer a call from a forwarded extension, there is no audio on either side - the call is connected but neither party can ‘converse’. If I do not answer the call from a forwarded extension, it ‘falls back’ to that extension’s voicemail (as it should).

Any idea why this occurs and how to correct this?

System Info:
Trixbox v. 1.2.1
FreePBX v. 2.1.3

Thanks in advance!