Call Forward Unconditional to a users personal mailbox

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I’ve tried various different things but nothings seems to be working. I have FreePBX 16.0.33 and I am trying to setup Call Forward Unconditional to a users own voicemail box. I’ve tried setting the Forward Destination to *98 but when I dial the user’s phone from another extension, I just hear the default “Comedian Mail. Mailbox?” prompt (normal voicemail greetings work fine for the user). I also tried setting the Forward Destination to the extension itself (after following a suggestion from an older forum post) but this just results in ringing.

DND seems to achieve this but I’m wondering if there is a way to do it using Call Forward Destinations?

replace 98 with the extension number

Unfortunately this didn’t work. I set the Forward Destination to *1000 and when 1001 calls 1000, I see a new call to *1000 however this resulted in “Call could not be completed as dialed”.

Actually I did some more searching and it looks like the reason it didn’t work was due to Feature Code Collision. After disabling Contact Manager Speed Dials Feature Code, it works now, thanks @dicko !

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