Call-forward(unavailable) in FMFM constelation


we still use many old cisco phones connected via SCCP (for example 100). For some users we also created a second extension for their soft-phones(9100) so they can work from home.
I activated find me follow me, set initial ring time to 0 and placed both numbers in follow-me list. That way nobody has to call different numbers or fiddle with call-forwards whenever they work from home.

Now i have the rare case that someone also wants an unavailable forward to his private phone after X seconds.
So he activates call-foward (unavailable) in UCP for his main number.
When i call his business number both FMFM numbers ring but after X seconds the call just hangs up.
If he configures call-forward (unconditional) and i call him, his secondary numbers rings together with his private phone (as intended)

Is there a known bug with the unavailable forward, did i missconfigure something or is there a more elegant way to solve my problem?

Kind regards

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