Call Forward To Multiple External Numbers

Hi Everyone

My names Darren and I come from a 3CX background and have been playing with the FreePBX now for a few days, must say I love it! Ive purchased the System Admin module as I noticed everyone suggesting to do so. Worth every penny!!

I’m slowly getting to grips with things, the only issue I have is trying to create a way to call forward a call from say a Ring Group or Queue to more than 1 external number. Basically we have 3 engineers on 24 hour call out and our current 3CX system diverts to all 3 simultaneously. I have been at it for ages now and have no hair left to pull out. Any help would be much appreciated!!!

Setup a ring group and put in your 3 external numbers with a # at the end of each number.

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Hi Tony

Thank you, I was over thinking it completely with Virtual Extensions etc!! Much appreciated!!!

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