Call forward to misc destination not working

(Stefan Stefan) #1

I have the following configuration: A Trunk sip with several public phone numbers.
The input and output rules work perfectly, only the forward rule does not work. Specifically, I have the public number like this format 03XXX285![q1|690x66] to which I have the inbound rule that when the call comes to take the call to Misc destination to a mobile number.
I get the following error: Your call cannot be complete at this time.


Please help me to solve the call forward problem.
Thank you.

(Itzik) #2

You are only allowing calls from 285, which is why it won’t allow any calls as it will try to match their CID.

(Stefan Stefan) #3

Please, Can you give a example how to make the route.
Thank you!

(Itzik) #4

Don’t restrict by CID?

(Stefan Stefan) #5

Thank you very much!! You got me out of trouble!
The topic can be close.