Call forward (SCCP or UNISTIM)

Hi all,

I’m trying to activate call forward from a cisco and nortel phones, respectively working with chan_sccp and chan_unistim (*72).

it works fine for a “classic” extension, SIP or IAX, but never for these phones, any idea please ?

thanks anyway,

Hi again,

here’s an update,

I got my UNISTIM extension as a custom extension, and now the *72 and *73 works fine.

Will try with the SCCP now,


Hi again,

dialling *72XXXX from a cisco device won’t trigger the call forward, any idea please ?

am using chan_sccp (latest version)

kind regards,

Check the phones own local dialplan. It’s a mask of what it considers valid and invalid number patterns. I’m guessing that it doesn’t allow for your pattern.

That must be true … I’ll check it out

thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

It finally worked,

I upgraded everything and kept the whole config as is, and now it works out of the box.